10 Tips for Going on a Business Trip With Your Boss

10 Tips for Going on a Business Trip With Your Boss

There are many perks of going on a business trip. You get to travel to new cities, tour various workspaces, drink new coffee drinks—all sorts of exciting things! Unfortunately, as much as we’d like to think of these trips as “mini-vacations,” they are usually quite the opposite – especially if you travel with your boss.

Even though you’re away from the office, traveling out of town with your boss can be stressful. With every event along the way from meetings to business dinners, you want to make sure you’re on your best behavior. If you remember these ten tips from Forbes.com, going on a business trip with your boss should be no trouble at all

Always be punctual.

Early is preferable, you don’t want to leave your boss waiting.

Be organized

Make sure you have all trip information and work-related documents you need just in case your boss asks. Take time to download maps before you leave home. I always looked to my staff members to know where we were going. As “the boss”, I wanted to remain focused on the purpose of trip.

Wear appropriate clothes

Even though you’re not in the office, pack sensible business clothes that will be appropriate for any occasion. Keep in mind that you are representing your organization on a business trip so you always want to communicate professionalism.

Keep an eye on discussion levels

Unless you get a queue from your boss first, stick to a work-related conversation. Play it safe and stay away from politics and topics that you normally engage in with family and friends.

Follow your boss’ action

Whether your boss wants to work or relax, make sure you do the same.

Be ready to pay for certain things

Keep your card or cash handy and don’t expect your boss to pay for anything.

Watch your alcohol consumption

Know your limit, and stay far, far away from it.

Discuss your responsibilities before your trip

Know what is expected of you ahead of time.

Be polite–always, period

Being impolite to anyone, especially in front of your boss will reflect poorly on you.

Enjoy it!

Be confident and appreciate the time spent away from the office and your usual routine.

Traveling with your boss can be nerve-wrecking. But, with pre-trip planning and preparation, the business trip can be a positive experience. I found that each of my boss-employee business trips brought me closer to my boss. Rapport was established that brought greater understanding of our business perspectives. Hopefully, my staff can say the same thing about their travel with me.



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