18 Amazing (and Free) Timeline Templates

18 Amazing (and Free) Timeline Templates

Having good timeline templates in your business toolbox is important. Why?

Effective Communication

65 percent of the population are visual learners (Mind Tools, 1998). In other words, more than half of the population prefer to take information via images, not words. Also, studies show that ideas presented graphically are easier to understand and remember than those presented as words.

Good Project Management

Successful project management is the key to running any good business. When things are organized, tasks are assigned and a timeline in place there’s a good chance things are going to run smoothly. However, in order to make things happen, establishing detailed plan is important. Even more necessary, is having the right tools to do so.

Timelines can be used in a variety of form and fashion and because of this, some of them can be difficult to understand. Thankfully, Bill Mulholland of process.st took the time to scavenge 18 incredible, free templates and compiled them into one handy list. With one simple click, these timelines can be used to help ensure the data you’re presenting is clear and concise.

Bill’s 18 free templates are categorized into these formats:

  • Calendar Timeline
  • Linear Timeline
  • Project timeline
  • Spreadsheet timeline

Some of the timeline templates  include Linear timeline, Gantt chart timeline, Project Milestones timeline, Circle Accent timeline, Bubble Chart timeline, and 12-Month timeline. All of the templates can help you explain you business plan or project in a polished and comprehensible manner. Heck you can use for your own personal planning. I’ve created a 12-Month Calendar timeline for my yearly goals. Bookmark this post for your future use.

To learn more about these timeline templates, read the full article here.

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