5 Tips to Help Overcome Impatience

5 Tips to Help Overcome Impatience

Are you impatient? Maybe our culture that is accustomed to instant gratification is making it difficult for you to slow down. Whether it be ordering food or groceries through an app, sitting in traffic or waiting for an email to download, these days we rarely have the patience to sit and wait for things to happen on their own time. Remember the days of dial-up internet? Although those are long gone, there’s something to be said about how far we’ve come.

With technology ever-changing and improving, it’s no surprise that our society has a problem with impatience. In a professional sense, this can be detrimental to your work and life in many ways. Dr. Patricia Thompson, a corporate psychologist who specializes in leadership and productivity, shares her insights on the matter in great article at ThriveGlobal.com:

If you find yourself feeling impatient in work or at home, follow these five tips shared by Dr. Thompson which will help you get through your day more mindfully.

Shine light on what’s good in the moment

Gratitude is huge. If you’re feeling impatient, jot down a few things you’re grateful for then and there.

Tune into the micro-moments themselves.

Don’t lose sight of the end result, but more importantly, don’t ignore what’s happening in the present.

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

Deep breathing can not only help calm yourself down, but also release some of the frustration and anxiety you may be feeling.

Make a deliberate decision to surrender.

Sometime’s there’s nothing that you can do but wait, and you need to be okay with it.

Expand your aperture.

In the grand scheme of things, will a few extra minutes out of your day be the end of the world? I doubt it.

To close my thoughts, here’s a humourous video showing impatient behaviors.



Did you see familiar behaviours? Unfortunately, I did. Remember whether it’s at work or home impatience can strain our relationships. Let’s make 2018 a more patient year.



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