8 Ways to Encourage Employee Behavior

8 Ways to Encourage Employee Behavior

Good employee behavior is a key factor in cultivating a happy and productive working environment. How your employees behave on a daily basis determines the overall culture of the workplace. If you want your business to succeed, it’s imperative for you to encourage and support positive behavior continually.

Don’t we all want respectful, honest and motivated employees? The answer is yes, so it’s important to remember that as a manager, your expectations for behavior need to be known. More than that though, you need to consider that your employees will often model the behaviors that you exhibit. Your example will show your strength as a leader.

How to Encourage Employee Behavior

You might think it sounds easy, but creating and maintaining a healthy workplace environment takes some work. Below is a list from yourerc.com of tips that will help you get the behavior you want from your employees now:

  1. Hire people with similar values and attitudes.
  2. Communicate the behavior you want.
  3. Model the behaviors you want to see.
  4. Be observant. Pay attention to behavior.
  5. Reinforce the right behaviors.
  6. Understand the cause and the motive.
  7. Respond to behavior consistently.
  8. Inspire others.


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Image Credit: Damian Zaleski on Unsplash

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