8 Ways Successful People Deal With People They Don’t Like

8 Ways Successful People Deal With People They Don’t Like

Chances are that at some point in your life, you’re going to meet with annoying people or with someone who you don’t exactly see eye to eye with. They might get on your nerves, have different political views or be disrespectful. Whether it be at work or out of the workplace, it’s important to know how to interact with those you don’t get along with well – because you’re going to have to at some point.

One way to relate to these annoying types of people is to work on broadening your perspective. In a blog on Entrepreneuer.com, Deep Patel, author of “A Paperboy’s Fable: The 11 Principles of Success”, explains several ways to shift your mindset in these types of situations. Here are Deep’s suggestions:

Accept that you can’t get on with everyone.

Sometimes you two aren’t a good fit, and that’s perfectly okay.

Try and put a positive spin on what they’re saying.

Do your best to give people the benefit of doubt. They probably don’t mean it in the way that you think they do.

Be aware of your own emotions.

According to Patel, remember that you ultimately have the control over how you react in certain situations, meaning you can choose to not let something bother you.

Don’t take it personally and get some space.

Most disagreements stem from misunderstandings, so it pays off to not overreact initially. If you need a few minutes, take them.

Express your feelings and calmly consider using a referee.

Clear communication is important, and by having someone mediate the conversation, you lower the risk of mutual misunderstandings and add some objectivity.

Pick your battles.

Sometimes things aren’t worth the time or energy and it’s easier to just let it go. 

Don’t be defensive.

By getting defensive, you’re only giving the other person more power, says Patel.

Ultimately, remember you are in control of your own happiness.

It’s silly to let someone impede upon your happiness. Focus on yourself and your feelings, because in the end that’s all you have control over.

As I said in the beginning, annoying people will be with us wherever we go. With some steady thinking and planning you can learn to manage those relationships. Don’t let your reactions to their behavior damage your career or relationships.


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