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This site is dedicated to mastering the journey to success. I have been blessed with an active and successful career in management and program development. My areas of expertise are:  small business development, government relations, career management, communication and interpersonal relationship building.

Over the course of my career I have learned valuable lessons and gained meaningful insights into “how to do business”.  I have always enjoyed sharing my advice with others and watching them run with an idea and succeed. So, the primary goal of this site is to share ideas, news and insights so that my readers can run with the information and master their own success.

My personal reason for this blog is to provide me the framework for researching ideas and a forum for writing — an enjoyable personal activity for me. I relish the idea of writing for my sake and not because I’m writing for someone else, like a report or a “memo for my signature”.

Finally, we know that success means different things to each of us. I also think our personal definition of success changes over time. Along our individual life paths, we encounter new opportunities that help redefine “success” as we deal with those opportunities. On the other hand, I believe that there are success qualities that are applicable whether we are running a business, striving for career advancement, rearing a family or seeking personal improvement.

On an end note, I invite you to return my site and see what nuggets I’m writing about and tell your friends to stop by and visit.

Happy Trails!

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