Co-Worker Questions to Help Smooth Starting a New Job

Co-Worker Questions to Help Smooth Starting a New Job

Are you a new co-worker? Will you be starting a new job soon? If you are, join the crowd of thousands of new employees who are nervous and excited about new employment.

Kat Boogaard proposes four questions that will make your new co-workers appreciate you. Asking one or more of these questions will quickly place you as a valued team member. Learn what the questions are here.

New Co-Worker Success

A last point – don’t forget to figure out the unwritten office rules—the ones that make people go ballistic if they’re violated. Here are a few:  Who washes the dishes? Which shelves are communal? Is there a coffee fund? Who brews the coffee?

All of us have been a new employee at one time or another and the experience can make even the most confident person a little unnerved. But asking key questions will make your new colleagues respect you and will help you start on a new adventure on the right note.




Image: Photo by Mike Wilson on Unsplash



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