Improve Presentation Skills by Avoiding These 12 Mistakes

Improve Presentation Skills by Avoiding These 12 Mistakes

Throughout our lives, we’ve seen a lot of presentations and examples of good and poor presentation skills. The best presentations are always memorable because the speaker is engaging and the message is clear. For those who aren’t used to it, speaking in front of a group of people can be difficult. And, if you lack proper presentation skills, your audience can easily lose interest, especially if the topic isn’t terribly thrilling.

Are you in a position that requires you to speak to large groups of people? If so, then it might be a good idea to improve your presentation practices. In her article “10 Typical Mistakes Made by Novice Speakers on Presentations,” Lucy Adams reveals common mistakes made by novice presenters. Avoiding these faux pas will help ensure that your presentation is both engaging and compelling.

  • Not taking enough time to prepare
  • Failing to test the equipment at the venue beforehand
  • Not being mindful of your audience’s needs, interests, and level of understanding
  • Having slides that are overcrowded can detract from your primary purpose
  • Reading information directly off your slides
  • Starting late or running over the allotted time
  • Standing still
  • Lacking energy and enthusiasm
  • Exhibiting an inappropriate sense of humor
  • Failing to dress professionally

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