Key to Success: Keeping Happy Customers

Key to Success: Keeping Happy Customers

Keeping happy customers can be challenging since we live in a world where we can buy practically everything online. It’s also a world where poor online reviews can ruin a company. Because of this, engaging with your customers and making sure they’re satisfied is more important than ever. And, as I’ve written before a happy customer can mean more business through referrals.

On their blog, Headway Capital, LLC, highlights “9 Ways to Make Your Customers Happy.”  Before you read those tips, let’s look at how your firm can benefit from interacting with clients who are unhappy.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” – Bill Gates

Learn From Unhappy & Happy Customers

Ensuring your customer’s satisfaction should be your top priority. If you have dissatisfied consumers, it’s crucial to address their needs and concerns at once. Your actions will let them know that you’re ready and willing to improve your product or service. Buyers’ criticism will help you grow your company and give you an excellent opportunity to discover a thing or two.

Did you know only 4% of dissatisfied consumers will tell you how they feel? So, giving your clientele several options for providing feedback is necessary. Either by phone or internet survey or social media interaction via Twitter or Facebook, allow them to express their concerns. Listening, responding and being transparent about issues will encourage unhappy customers to give you a second chance.

Like most business owners, you want satisfied patrons with your product and services. Check out Headway’s infographic below to learn nine different ways you can make sure you always have happy customers.

happy customers-infographic




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