Philanthropic Deeds Are Good for Business

Philanthropic Deeds Are Good for Business

Philanthropic—is that a word your customers would use to describe your small business? Charities and community groups have always turned to their local businesses for assistance. Local businesses have funded athletic teams, scouts, schools and neighborhood events. But, is all this giving good for business? What can you gain by supporting a charity or non-profit organization?

  • Provides you a chance to give back
  • People will support businesses they believe are a part of their community
  • Boost your employees’ morale by bringing staff together to support something that is outside and separate from your business
  • Good way to reach out and join with community members

Major corporate brands have been aware that charity work results in benefits like customer loyalty to bringing new clients and building a reputation as a trustworthy company. If charity giving is good for major corporations, it’s good for small business.

Examples of Philanthropic Deeds

Matilda Kidman at in “Why Philanthropy is Good Business” provides a few examples what a small business can do to help their community while building their brand.

Why Philanthropy is Good Business consumers becoming more aware of who they purchase their goods from and how these companies operate, becoming known for charity work and ethical business practices is a hot topic these days. Reputation is key and how the public perceives your brand means everything, as ultimately this affects whether or not they will choose to support and invest in you. One way in which you can promote positive CSR is to work closely with charities that either mean something personal to your business, or a charity that is local to you or with whom you feel you could build a solid relationship. Read more…

Are you still looking for philanthropic ideas? Cynthia Bunting at in “Giving Back: 36 Ways Your Small Business Can Help” presents actual examples of small businesses supporting their communities.

Giving Back: 36 Ways Your Small Business Can Help

We asked small business owners  to tell us what they do to give back to their communities. In the fall, our Oklahoma City office completed a very successful corporate campaign for United Way of Central Oklahoma. — Debra Baida, Not only do we offer incredible discounts on the best things to see, eat and do in a city, but we also donate a portion of every sale to a local cause. Read more…


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