Reasons Why You Should Send a Job Application Follow-Up Email

Reasons Why You Should Send a Job Application Follow-Up Email

Sending a job application follow-up email will help you stand out in the sea of job applicants. In a world filled with plenty of qualified candidates and a highly competitive job market, finding work can be a tiring process. Standing out from the rest of the applicants is a struggle, but there are things you can do to make sure your name is on the forefront of your potential employer’s mind. Debbie Richardson at explains points about follow-up emails.

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Why send a follow-up interview email?

Many people don’t consider the weight that a follow-up can hold after submitting a job application. Although calling might seem like the natural method, these days it’s better to send an email.

Whereas a phone call could be missed or not returned, an email is almost always seen. Additionally, when you speak on the phone, you may forget to ask any questions you might have. If you send an email, you’ll have a chance to review and edit your draft before submitting to make sure it covers everything you want to say.

Most importantly, after a day of reviewing dozens of applications, an employer might only skim yours for a few seconds. Sending an email would bring your name to the forefront of their mind, and they’re more likely to give your resume a second glance as your enthusiasm about the job will be apparent.

What to say

In your follow-up email be sure to address the employer by name and using a respectful title such as “Mr.” or “Ms.”. Don’t forget to mention the specific job that you’ve applied for as well as your education and any relevant experience you may have.

Don’t over think your follow-up but make sure it’s specific to the position. Keep it brief – no more than 2-3 paragraphs and be sure to give the employer the pertinent information needed to contact you.

When to follow-up

As Debbie accurately states the most important reason to send the follow-up email is to ensure that your application doesn’t get lost in the pile of job applications. There have been times when I would receive hundreds of applications for one job and the volume would make the screening daunting. I would often look at a handful of apps throughout the day, between meetings, or block out an entire morning or afternoon for reviewing resumes. Naturally, this was tiring so a follow-up email from an applicant would bring that person to the forefront of my review.

Remember that when you’re job hunting, your job is to find employment. In other words, it’s work and requires daily activities and attention. So, put sending follow-up emails on your “to do list.”

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