How to Safely Disagree With Your Boss

How to Safely Disagree With Your Boss

To disagree with your boss is not a bad thing. But, like with most sensitive communication you have to consider the when, how and where. If your goal is to benefit your company, then with careful planning, you can present alternatives to your manager. Your plans will minimize the chances of you coming across as attacking and thus making your boss defensive.

Kat Boogaard at in “How to Disagree With Your Boss (Without Getting Fired)” lays out five tips on how professionally disagree with your boss.

How to Successfully Disagree With Your Boss

How to disagree with your bossLet’s face it—openly disagreeing with someone in a way that’s constructive and non-condescending can be tough. You’re not quite seeing eye-to-eye with your supervisor on something, and you feel strongly enough about your opinion that you need to speak your mind and voice your concerns. However, ideally you’d like to do that in a way that doesn’t make you look like a prideful know-it-all who’s challenging his or her authority—resulting in you being shown the door and booted off the team. Read the rest of the post…

Here’s a summary of Kat’s five tips:

  • Carefully Consider the Time and Place — Depending on the topic, a group setting may not be to best place to voice your opinion. Your boss may feel embarrassed or ambushed.
  • Start Positive — Approaching someone of authority with bluntness may not be appreciated. Tread carefully. Begin your conversation by pointing out something positive.
  • Ask Questions — Questions make your opinion more of a suggestion or collaboration, not a demand.
  • Focus on Results — Emphasize the positive results of your opinion or idea
  • Respect the Final Decision —  Accept your manager’s decision, let it go and move on.

Kat’s tips will help you express your opinion in a courteous and convincing way. You won’t come across as attacking your boss’ authority and intelligence. Remember before you voice your disagreement give it thought and tread lightly.


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