Want to Impress Your New Boss? 

Want to Impress Your New Boss? 

Whether you’re an intern or a new employee, it’s important to impress your employer they made a good decision in hiring you over other candidates. Starting out, your job is to learn as much as possible about your role and the company, proving that you’re a valuable asset.

With competitive applicants entering the workforce every day, you need to stand out. In the article “5 Ways To Impress Your New Boss,” Nicole Hazard highlights steps to make sure your new boss sees your future potential.

Challenge everything (respectfully)

It is understandable to be nervous about speaking up as a new employee – but you shouldn’t. You’ll be applauded for your courage and ability to creatively problem solve. Plus, if you’re consistently looking for ways to improve processes or solve problems, you can feel confident knowing you’re adding substantial value to the organization.

Don’t bring problems – bring solutions

Before asking for help try solving the problem yourself. But, if you still find yourself in need of advice, ask. Think of the new challenges you will meet as chances to learn about your job.

Be a team player

Highlighting your ability to collaborate with peers is one way to show you’re a good colleague. When you work well with others and aren’t afraid to seek guidance and advice from them, you prove your value as an employee.

Get engaged

Taking advantage of opportunities to get involved showcases both your enthusiasm and dedication to your employer.

Think outside of your department

Showing flexibility by learning a variety of skills within your company is a great way to get ahead. You will benefit by increasing your knowledge and exhibiting both your skills and desire to succeed.

Read the details behind Nicole’s tips here.

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