When do you really need to listen?

When do you really need to listen?

Do you listen or do you hear? Several years ago, I read that we listen with our minds and we hear with our ears. The distinction is that listening is active and requires mental effort.

Times to Listen

Executive coach Mary Jo Asmus  describes in detail five situations that require a leader to really listen to others.

When you need to really listen

We could all become better listeners. Most importantly, leaders must learn to really listen….It helps them [employees] to feel accepted, a part of a team, safe, understood, and engaged in something that matters. And when that happens, your organization can soar. Read the rest of the post… aspire-cs.com

My Two Take-away’s

Two points struck a special chord for me. First, listening is key when we want to collaborate—“There is no collaboration without listening.” Why? Well, as Mary Jo explained collaboration requires everyone to give up personal positions or beliefs for a greater vision.

Then there’s the second situation—relationships are established and strengthened when we don’t push our agenda on others. How? Mary Jo captured it best when she wrote, “People will be more receptive to what you have to say when they feel you’ve listened to them first.”


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