4 Tips for a Most Productive Meeting

4 Tips for a Most Productive Meeting

Do you have a meeting today? If you do, you’re not in the minority. On average, people in the business world attend around 62 meetings a month. If that’s you, then you’re well aware of the fact that these meetings aren’t always productive. From the unplanned disruption to the easiness with which people can veer off topic, it’s no surprise that hours can pass without anything getting accomplished.

Luckily, there are ways you can make sure that your meeting goes smoothly with the necessary information is being disseminated and the right decisions are being made.

Inc.com shares four tips for having the most productive meeting possible:

Don’t start a meeting without a documented agenda.

Having an idea of what needs to be addressed in a meeting is incredibly important. Before the meeting, create and send out an agenda that outlines the discussion so that expectations are set and the conversation remains focused.

Keep monologues and lengthy inquisitions short with an idea parking lot.

Some questions and feedback brought up in meetings aren’t always appropriate to talk about when you’re trying to stick to a strict agenda. While they’re topics that need to be addressed, keep track of them and “park” them until a later time.

Book an appropriate room for your meeting.

To minimize the risk for distractions, don’t hold your meeting in the open. Schedule time in a conference room and make sure it has the proper amenities to help keep your meeting productive.

Make sure the attendees scheduled to be there really need to be there.

Only invite people that can add value to the conversation. Other’s can be filled in after the fact.

Head over to Inc.com and read Melissa Thompson’s full post.

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