Are any of these 5 Habits an obstacle to your success?

Are any of these 5 Habits an obstacle to your success?

A mistake can quickly become an obstacle to your success. It’s a well-known fact that we all make mistakes, but it’s up to us to decide whether we benefit from them. Creating an unnecessary obstacle is a common occurrence in the daily lives of busy professionals. Unfortunately, those who refuse to admit their wrongs are only hurting themselves. Learning from past experiences is an important part of being a leader and a successful person in the business world.

Stephen Key, author and Co-founder of inventRight, shares signs that you might be standing in the way of your success in his article on

5 Signs You’re Standing In Your Own Way to Success of them seemed to make a lot of the same mistakes — ones that could be easily remedied, but when left unaddressed, could mean the difference between success and failure. Here are five signs you’re getting in your own way to success and how to move over and let yourself be the best you can be: 1. You’re unable to complete a task before starting a new one. Read more…

Are any of these habits an obstacle to your success?

While most of them are easy fixes, it’s important to be aware of these habits that can be detrimental to your success.

You’re unable to complete a task before starting a new one.

Whether it’s due to an inability to focus or a need for perfection, it’s imperative to finish what you start. You’ll have little to show for yourself otherwise.

You micro-manage everything.

Sometimes it’s hard to admit that others are just as capable as you to complete a task. Despite this, it’s important to overcome that mindset and delegate. Being a leader means that you need to learn to trust others.

You’re always right.

The best leaders are always first to admit that they don’t know everything and often seek advice from other experts in their field. If you refuse to admit you are wrong, you completely miss out on the opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

You ask quesions, but don’t pay attention to the answer.

As nice as it sounds, it’s not beneficial to surround yourself with people who always agree with you. Challenge is a good way to force yourself to think outside of the box and to see different viewpoints will aid you in making smarter decisions.

You always find reasons not to move forward.

You’ll almost always be able to find some excuses not to move forward. Ignore them. Key says that it’s necessary to have the “courage to take on risk.” Having the mindset of being flexible and courageous will guide you towards success.



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