5 Lies About Work Life Balance

5 Lies About Work Life Balance

Work life balance”—at some point in our working lives, we’ve heard this term. To some of us it seems possible to achieve, but to others, not so much. But before you make assumptions about this seemingly elusive and cliché goal it’s important to separate the truth from the lies.

The concept of work-life balance is something that many of us dream about. Our whole lives as adults, we’ve been led to believe that it’s possible to separate our work from our personal life altogether — but is it realistic? Is it healthy?

According to Dorianne St. Fleur, it’s neither. In fact, she suggests there are five lies about work-life balance that we need to be aware of:

  1. The less you work, the happier you’ll be.
  2. The perfect split is possible.
  3. What works for you will work for everyone else.
  4. The boss has it easy.
  5. You’re the only person who can’t find balance.

Let’s be honest here, obtaining perfect work life balance is probably impossible. The fact is — you have to be okay with having an imperfect mix of both. Things are going to happen; some days are going to be better or worse than others. While you’re experiencing the ups and downs of work and life, remember that you will eventually find your perfect balance.

To read Dorianne St. Fleur’s full explanation, head over to themuse.com.

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