What are you thankful for at work?

What are you thankful for at work?

Do you think about things to be thankful for at work during Thanksgiving? If not, you should consider the blessings your job brings into your life. Think beyond money and probe a little deeper.

Vicki Amsinger explores different facets of one’s work life through a series of questions that prod you to think about your work. She also shares her “thankful for” list which will encourage you to think about your experiences.

There is meaning to your work life beyond getting up and going to a job every day. There is a deep vein running through all of us that wants to do good work and wants to be shown respect in the workplace — and we are thankful when we receive acknowledgement of those things. It is all about what you value in your career —  what you are grateful for. Read more…

I hope after reading Ms. Amsinger’s article, you will list a few blessings that your thankful for at work this Thanksgiving holiday.

Speaking of Thanksgiving and work—are you working Thanksgiving Friday? Here are some ideas on how to use that day wisely.

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